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A scene from the server.

Welcome! Here you can find pretty much everything and anything there is to know about our Minecraft Server. Whether you are brand new to our server, a regular player, seasoned veteran or a random stranger, this can be your biggest source of information. We are an equal opportunity server, all are welcome! We (currently) don't believe in whitelisting, so come join us!

Server Worlds

Current servers

Terrene (SMP)

Outdated servers

Main World (SMP)
Creative-CMP (under construction - open for info)

Quick Info

Oh, the madness that is /tp mass. Luckily, it was done when there were only 30ish people online.

Admin Team

  • ylt : Tech Guy (sleeper :))

Important Links

  • TeamSpeak 3: to download TS3. Use on TS3 to chat! As always be polite & respect other players while chatting.
  • New Players Guide Just joined the MCSteam server? Well, you're in luck! Check here for you're basic starter 101
  • Commands Cant remember that command for warps or maybe that beacon command? Than check here for a list of all you're basic and even advanced commands!

Server Rules / New Players Guide / Beacons / Ranks/ Towns / Commands/ Staff